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Mississippi Department Of Corrections

August 22nd, 2012


Mississippi River cleaned up right after weekend oil spill   by Jean Palmer

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – Clear up above a weekend oil spill in New Orleans is underway.

Workers have already contained roughly two,000 gallows of the oil byproduct that was spilled into the Mississippi River on Sunday early morning. The product is fundamentally what is left behind during the refining technique of crude oil. It has a thick and waxy consistency.

The spill was the consequence of an accident involving a barge and a tow boat. Luckily, no 1 noted any injuries.
Rodney Mallett, a spokesperson for the State Department of Environmental High-quality, assured that most of the oil had remained on the barge.

Authorities report that there are no visible traces of the merchandise remaining in the river as of Monday morning.
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Prank Call Mario Turns Over Mississippi Department of Corrections

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