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Mississippi River Physical Map

August 22nd, 2012

Boundaries Map

Municipalities around the world derive tax revenue and other rewards by understanding specifically exactly where one owner’s land stops and another’s begins. Surveys are performed to establish initial property boundaries.

This information and facts is filed away in plat books and gets updated every single time a piece of land adjustments hands or is subdivided amongst numerous owners.

The Boundary Survey
When establishing property boundaries, the role of a land surveyor consists of performing the following tasks:
o Show boundary lines on a map and include things like length, lat-long coordinates at the corners, the measure of interior angles, and so on
o Append towards the document a legal description of the property becoming surveyed
o Note the region in acres or hectares, depending upon the conventional unit of measure
o Describe manmade structures such as buildings, fences, roads, etc.
o Note easements and other land-access issues that may possibly result from roads, utility lines, water, along with other rights of way
o Leave some sort of physical mark that shows the boundary lines, or at the very least property corners

Boundaries in Daily Life
To give a strong, yet maybe crudely intended metaphor, my correct to thrust out my fist ends at the point of your nose. We all have boundaries to respect, including social and moral ones, but none are possibly much more essential towards the way the globe works than are property boundaries. Errors might be costly, and land transactions can hardly go forward without an correct measurement of exactly what’s being sold.

Examining Boundary Disputes
Most disputes over boundaries take place when the original markers have disappeared, or it can be unclear from deeds of sale or similar documentation where the property begins and ends.

The Surveyors-A Breed Apart
Several early U.S. presidents were expert surveyors, which includes George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. One of the early lines of demarcation in the United States-separating “north” from “south” in concrete terms too as enhancing a social mindset-was the Mason-Dixon Line of the 1760s that helped fix the border in between two U.S. states, Pennsylvania and Maryland. A boundary surveyor normally ought to pass an examination after which enter into a period of apprenticeship having a licensed surveyor in order to work on his or her own.

Under typical circumstances, a surveyor will have gone out into the field and precisely measured the landmass on behalf of its owner. This could have been the recipient of a land grant, or maybe the government agency that originally controlled the property. Points inside the field are translated into points on a map-the surveyor offers the data and oftentimes draws the map as well-and notations are made at “corners” as towards the exact longitude and latitude of that spot. Over time, land tracts get divided and subdivided as owners sell off parts of their property. In each instance these divisions are tracked by boundary surveyors, along with the precise boundaries of the property which is trading hands is noted on the deed of sale.

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